Oct 2011

Down the Rabbit Hole

I haven’t done many environments lately, at least not enough to make a separate portfolio page from. So, for now, I will just put the few I have in this blog. As I accumulate more I’ll make an Environments page.

This one is just a take on the scary tunnel into the earth concept. The tree is supposed to look a little bit rabbit-ish but not too obviously though.


Constructing Heads

Yet another demo. This one is showing how I concept various heads using construction and working in levels. It is basically my process breakdown.


Material Sphere Demos

I did these demos to help students with rendering various materials in Photoshop. The one on the bottom right is just the base sphere, a simple circular selection filled with a radial gradient. I think these are a useful academic exercise.


Altered Beast Revamp

I did a page layout of the Altered Beast revamp as a quick demo for the students. I was trying to show how a little bit of background element and graphic design could liven up the presentation. I also did the little logo that same day in class.



Out with the Old

So I decided to update my site, for multiple reasons. I really liked the old style I had but it was too busy overall, and that took away from the content of the site, which is supposed to be the art. The second reason, was that my site was unable to be viewed on smaller screens. Anything around the size of a 13” laptop would have found my site cut-off with no way to scroll either. Kinda irritating really. After failing in my attempt to fix the site, I decided that a simpler and cleaner solution would be best. But, I wanted to throw up a screenshot of my old Welcome screen since I still like the look of it. I guess it is part of my random art portfolio now.